Welcome to the Kuya Ate Kapatid Mentorship Program!

559503_469262303123863_768039177_nWhat is a Kuya? What is an Ate? What is a Kapatid?

Every year, FUSO puts together a mentorship program that is meant to connect upperclassmen with new incoming students of the organization. Based on surveys, each new member is put into a “family” with people whom they share similar interests/hobbies with. Within each family, there are “Kuyas” which are “Big Brothers,” “Ates” who are “Big Sisters,” and “Kapatids” who are “Siblings.” As a Kapatid, each new member/sophomore will be able to bond with and get to know their Kuyas and Ates better through family outings! (ie: Dinner off campus, rollerskating night, movie night, etc)

Although these close family bonds are created between our members, we never forget that we as FUSO are one BIG family.  🙂