About Us



FUSO stands for Filipino “Ugnayan” Student Organization. In the Filipino language, “ugnayan” translates to “link” or to “unite”. We believe that awareness and an appreciation of one’s culture are important to one’s identity. We strive to provide our members with opportunities to learn more about themselves and not only the beauty of the Filipino culture, but also celebrate the diversity of other cultures as well.



In 1993, Juanita Santos-Nacu, Claire Arciaga, and Jocbethem Tahapary came together and drafted a constitution for an organization that would educate the community on the Filipino culture. After submitting the final draft to the Associated Students, the Filipino “Ugnayan” Student Organization was established. Creating FUSO for the purpose of high school outreach was only the first step. Developing educational and cultural programs for the University of San Diego and the local community had furthered the growth and enrichment of this organization.

– To serve as a voice to the community for the needs and issues affecting Filipinos as well as educating people about the Filipino culture.

– To support the United Front Multicultural Center and their sponsored programs.

– To encourage the youth to pursue higher education and to serve their mentors.

– To keep close relations with the Associated Students and the University Ministry.

– To foster sense of belonging and family that will help keep the Filipino spirit of hospitality and community alive.

– To support other Filipino organizations in the San Diego community and promote a general awareness for the culture.