University of San Diego Constitution for Student Organizations

Article I
Name of Organization

The name of this organization shall be the Filipino Ugnayan Student Organization (FUSO).

Article II Purpose

The purpose of this organization shall be for students who are of Filipino descent and/or interested in the Filipino culture; to provide a support group for its members. This organization shall be academically, service, culturally, and socially oriented.

Article III Membership

Members in this organization must be an undergraduate student of the University of San Diego (USD) and have paid dues.
For the safety of our members, membership may be granted or denied based on the Executive Board’s discretion.

Graduation Stoles will be given to graduating members who have paid dues. Graduating students who have not paid dues have the option of purchasing a stole.

Section 1: The Executive Board
A. The governing board of this organization shall be known as the Executive Board of FUSO.

B. The Executive Board shall be comprised of: 1. President

2. Vice-President Internal 3. Vice-President External 4. Secretary
5. Treasurer

6. Ourstorian
7. Community Liaison
8. Publicity Chair
9. Commissioner of Cultural Affairs 10. Academic Liaison

11. Advisor

C. No person shall hold more than one position on the Executive Board.

D. All positions can only be held by one person with the exception of Commissioner of Cultural Affairs.

E. Community Liaison is an appointed position based upon the discretion of the newly appointed Executive Board. This position can be held by only one person.

F. Commissioner of Cultural Affairs is an appointed position based upon the discretion of the newly appointed Executive Board. This position can be held by one person, but no more than two.

G. In the event of a vacant position, the Executive Board will vote by majority on how to split the duties of that position within the board.

Section 2: The Duties of the Executive Board shall be:

A. Deviseandimplementanaccountabilityplanatthebeginningofeachacademicyearthatdetermines the attendance at Executive Board and General Body Meetings.

  1. B.   Chairatleastonemajorprogram.
  2. C.   Helpcoordinateactivitiesandparticipateingroupevents.
  3. D.   Gobeyondthementionedofficerduties(ArticleIII,Section3)inbeinganactiveFUSOMember.
  4. E.   HoldallmembersoftheExecutiveBoardaccountable.
  5. F.   Maintain open communication with fellow Executive Officers.
  6. G.   Keeptheinterestofmembershipinvolvementhigh.
  7. H.   Helpfosterthefutureleadershipwithintheorganization.
  8. I.   An Executive Board retreat is held at least once a semester wherein a review of the most current

version of the Constitution shall take place.
J. Review FUSO Constitution with General Body Members each semester.
K. Determineandexactmemberdues.
L. ActasaGeneralBodyMemberaswellasanUnitedFrontMulticulturalCenterrepresentative.
M. Be held accountable for attending one event sponsored or hosted by the United Front Multicultural Center.
N. Gobeyondthementionedofficerduties.
O. Maintainpersonalandacademicwell-being

Section 3: The Duties of the Officers shall be:

A. ThePresident

1. Responsible for ensuring that all activities and meetings concerning the organization run smoothly and efficiently.

  1. 2.   Attends and heads all Executive Board meetings.
  2. 3.   Delegates duties to give others opportunities for leadership roles.
  3. 4.   Acts as a liaison, updating the United Front with FUSO activities, and vice versa.

a. Correspond with the Presidents of the other United Front organizations, individually, at least once a semester.
5. When necessary, assist in the design, implementation, and coordination of multicultural programs, activities, etc.
6. Call emergency meetings.

B. Vice-PresidentInternal

  1. 1.   Preside over meetings when the President is not available; is second in command.
  2. 2.   Communicate and cooperate with President in maintaining the functions and activities of


  1. 3.   Call emergency meetings if necessary.
  2. 4.   Facilitates Kuya/Ate/Kapatid Mentorship Program throughout the year.
  3. 5.   Facilitates internal-organization events and affairs.

6. Coordinates Welcome Back Event, Family Revealing Night(s) and End of the Year Retreat

C. VicePresidentExternal

  1. Preside over meetings when the President and Vice President Internal are not available; is third in command.
  2. Communicate and cooperate with President in maintaining the functions and activities of FUSO.
  3. Call emergency meetings if necessary.
  4. Be the contact person for FUSO external affairs:
    1. i   Collaborate with Community Liaison
    2. ii   Act as the Filipino Collegiate Collaborative Representative/Liaison
    3. iii   Maintain contact with other high school/college/community Filipino organizations
    1. Facilitates external-organization events and affairs.
    2. Act as a contact for all FUSO alumni relations.

5. Coordinates Friendship Games. D. Secretary

  1. 1.   Write down minutes of Executive Board meetings.
  2. 2.   Contact members on events and meetings and update membership lists.
  3. 3.   Keep file on attendance, flyers, and important paperwork.
  4. 4.   Make agendas for general meetings.
  5. 5.   Create roster for membership for fall and spring semesters.

E. Treasurer

1. Maintain the bookkeeping of bank account details including compiling cost budget analyses for each event.

  1. Maintain and update the FUSO accounts at USD
  2. Document all check and cash deposits and withdrawals with President or Executive

    Board member designee

  1. 2.   Collect membership dues and any other types of dues.
  2. 3.   Coordinate fundraiser activities at least twice a semester.
  3. 4.   Communicate with Associated Student and SLIC.

    a. Familiarity with paperwork procedures for the offices listed above.

6. Track and record all completed ASBC forms and all allocations made by Associated Student Budget Committee (ASBC).

F. Ourstorian
1. Capture moments, events, activities, and membership in photographs/video/other digital media.

  1. 2.   Compose and complete an album of the year’s events.
  2. 3.   Arrange and produce videos for Christmas party, End of the Year Banquet, and other major

FUSO projects.
4. Coordinate the documentation of every FUSO event by maintaining all records, notes, paperwork, and instructions in an archive to refer to for upcoming years.
5. Design and keep record of all programs for major events (End of the Year Banquet, PCN, etc.). 6. Provide the most recent pictures of events for the display boards for Alcala Bazaar.

G. CommunityLiaison
1. Coordinate Ugnayan Conference and head the Conference planning committee.
2. Plan at least one community service event each semester.
3. Update FUSO with cultural activities that are happening in the San Diego community.
4. Build relationships and maintain contact with other USD organizations.
5. Maintain contact with other high school/college/community Filipino organizations along with the VP External.
6. Act as a liaison, updating the United Front organizations with FUSO activities, and attend one of the other United Front organization’s general body meetings at least twice a semester.
7. Collaborate with MEChA and University Ministry to coordinate Farm Workers Movement Mass and Luncheon.

H. PublicityChair
1. Work with President in coordinating Alcala Bazaar for Fall & Spring.
2. Utilize Creative Zone staff to ensure all FUSO events, meetings, and activities are effectively advertised and publicized in a timely manner.
3. Responsible for tracking, maintaining and updating social networking accounts for FUSO’s events (i.e. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter) in collaboration with the Ourstorian.

4. Create and/or update the FUSO webpage (i.e. WordPress) in collaboration with the Ourstorian.

I. Commissioner of Cultural Affairs (appointed by new board)
1. Coordinate cultural programs for Filipino History Month and Pilipino Cultural Night.
2. Utilize greater San Diego area to bring cultural awareness and education to FUSO and the USD community.
3. Be aware of and educate the general body on multicultural and diversity issues.
4. Facilitate collaboration with other UFMC organizations

J. Academic Liaison
1. Coordinate study sessions and spaces for all members.
2. Direct members of FUSO to other academic resources on campus such as SSS (Student Support Services), Tutoring Centers, Center for Student Success, and Career Services.

  1. 3.   Provide a list of each member’s major for academic help.
  2. 4.   Assist Community Liaison in coordination of Ugnayan Conference.
  3. 5.   Collaborate with Community Liaison for outside academic resources and opportunities.
  4. 6.   Collaborate with VP Internal with the Kuya-Ate-Kapatid Mentorship Program.

K. Advisor
1. Meet individually with Executive Board members at least twice a semester.
2. Advise all other Executive Board members, as well as FUSO in general.
3. Attendance at organizational events (at least twice a semester).
4. Responsible for overseeing the FUSO Restricted Account and working with the Executive Board to maintain account balance.

Section 4: The Power of the Executive Board: The Executive Board shall have the power to:

A. Passalllegislationwhichbindsallmembersoftheorganization,throughtheprocessstatedinthis Constitution.

B. Arrangepenaltiesfortheviolationofthislegislation,andtoexecutethepenalty.
C. Ratifybymajorityvoteofitsmembers,excludingthePresident,appointmentsordismissalsofthe


D. AppointanyvacancyoftheExecutiveBoard’selectedmembersuntilsuchtimeasthePresidentshall call a special election to fill the vacancy.

E. CallforameetingoftheExecutiveBoardoroftheorganizationattherequestofthree-fourthsofthe members of the Executive Board.

Section 5: Limitations of the Powers of the Executive Board The Executive Board is not empowered to:

A. Executeanypenaltynotauthorizedbylawfullyarrangedlegislation. Section 6: Powers of the Members of the Club

The members of the organization shall have the power to: A. AmendthisConstitutionanditsbylaws.

B. Dismissfromofficebyathree-fourthsvoteofitsentirevotingmembershipanyofficerofthe Executive Board.

C. CallaGeneralMeetingoftheorganizationuponpresentationofapetitiondemandingsuchameeting, signed by three-fourths of the membership.

Section 7: The Faculty Advisor
(Required for all clubs and organizations, with the exception of NIC and NPC fraternities and sororities, who are required to have an alumni advisor):

A. MustbeaUSDFaculty/Staffmember.
B. ShallbeappointedbymembersandthisappointmentissubjecttoapprovaloftheExecutiveBoard. C. Shallbeappointedforatermofoneacademicyear.

Article V
Candidates for Office and Elections

Section 1: Candidates for Office and Elections

A. AllcandidatesforelectiveofficeoftheExecutiveBoardoftheorganizationandallvotersmustbe members of the organization.
B. ExecutiveBoardmembersareselectedbaseduponsimplemajorityofvoterspresentattheelection. C. Person(s)runningfortheoffice(s)ofPresident,VicePresidentInternal,andVicePresidentExternal must have served at least one year on the FUSO Executive Board prior to election.

D. Person(s) may run for a single position for a maximum of 2 terms.
i. A term shall be defined as the point of election/appointment until the end of that academic year.

E. AlthoughthenewExecutiveBoardappointstheCommunityLiaisonposition,thevoteofthose present at the election is taken into consideration during deliberation.

F. If running unopposed, both elected and appointed Executive Board positions must obtain at least a 51% vote to be elected.
G. Candidates are automatically deemed ineligible for election if they have violated USD Academic and/or Conduct Policy in prior elections.

H. Candidates will be removed from elections with discretion of the current Executive Board if reasonable evidence is presented in which cheating or any act against USD Policies was performed during a candidate’s campaign.
I. Candidates running for President and VP-Internal must expect to be present for their entire term.

Section 2: Nomination and Election Process

A. One week before elections, general body members will nominate for each board position.
i. Nominees have until one hour before election day to accept or decline their nomination.
ii. Only the President can officially change a nominee’s status.
iii. Once a nominee declines his or her nomination, the nominee is ineligible for that position. iv. Nominations can no longer be made once the floor for nominations is closed.
v. Nomination process:

-General body member nominates another member for the position.
-Each nomination must be second by another member present.
-Nominee either accepts or declines nomination.
-If nominee is not present, the President will inform them of the nomination.

B. Elections will be held one week after nominations.
i. Each nominee must provide a speech to present in front of general body members.

-Speech can be no longer than 2 minutes.
-If nominee is unable to be present at elections due to emergency reasons approved by the Executive Board, then a video or phone call must take place for the nominee’s speech. Speech via phone call and recorded video are last resorts and must be approved by Board’s discretion.

-If none of the above options can be fulfilled to present a speech, then the

nominee is ineligible to run
ii. Each nominee must participate in a question and answer portion with both general body members and the Executive Board.

-Q&A process will be established by the Executive Board’s discretion. C. Voting will occur via paper ballot.

i. Members can vote for a certain position if they are present for all candidate speeches for that position.
ii. Members must adhere to USD Academic and Conduct Policies when voting.

D. Executive Board must review the nomination and election policies on the FUSO Constitution to general body members before every FUSO nomination and election.
E. Counters can only be Executive Board members not running for office.

Article VI Passage of Legislation

Section 1: A quorum shall consist of three-fourths of the Executive Board.

  • ●  Three-fourths of a quorum shall be necessary for the passage of legislation, with the exception of special legislation.
  • ●  Special legislation shall be voted upon by the members of the organization who shall be present at a General Meeting called by the Executive Board. Three-fourths of those members present shall be required for the passage of special legislation.

    Section 2: Special Legislation

  • ●  Special Legislation shall consist of all acts the Executive Board shall deem necessary to put before a vote of the club.

    Article VII Amending the Constitution

    Section 1: The Constitution or its bylaws may be amended in the following way:

  • ●  Any member of the organization who is entitled to full participation in its activities may, at the General Meeting of the organization, submit a proposed amendment or:
  • ●  Any member of the Executive Board may, at a meeting of the Executive Board, submit to the Executive Board a proposed amendment.
  • ●  The Executive Board must approve the proposed amendment by a three-fourths vote of its voting members present at a General Meeting.
  • ●  The Secretary must then prepare copies of the portion of the Constitution or its bylaws to be amended and the proposed amendment, to be submitted to the members of the organization at the next General Meeting of the organization after the amendment has been approved by the Executive Board.
  • ●  The proposed amendment must be before the organization for a period of fourteen days.
  • ●  A three-fourths majority of the votes cast shall be necessary for the adoption of an amendment to this Constitution.

● The AS Secretary of Student Organization shall be notified of any and all amendments to this Constitution.

Revised September 10, 2017 Approved on October 17, 2017