Revised Constitution

University of San Diego

Constitution for Student Organizations

Article I

Name of Organization

The name of this organization shall be the Filipino Ugnayan Student Organization (FUSO)

Article II


The purpose of this organization shall be for students who are of Filipino descent and/or interested in the Filipino culture; to provide a support group for its members. This organization shall be academic, service, cultural, and social oriented.

Article III


Membership in this organization shall be open to those persons who are students of the University of San Diego (USD)

Section 1: The Executive Board

A. The governing board of this organization shall be known as the Executive Board of FUSO.

B. The Executive Board shall be compromised of:

1. President

2. Vice-President Internal

3. Vice-President External

4. Secretary

5. Treasurer

6. Historian

7. Community Liaison

8. Publicity Chair

9. Commissioner of Cultural Affairs (appointed position)

10. Academic Liaison

11. Advisor

C. No person shall hold more than one position on the Executive Board.

Section 2: The Duties of the Executive Board shall be:

A.     Attend all E-Board and general meetings.

B.     Chair at least 1 (one) major program.

C.     Help Coordinate activities and participate in group events.

D.     Go beyond the mentioned officer duties (Article IV, Section 3) in being an active FUSO Member.

E.      Hold all members of the Executive Board accountable.

F.      Maintain open communication with fellow Executive Officers.

G.     Keep the interest of membership involvement high.

H.     Help foster the future leadership within the organization.

Section 3: The Duties of the Officers shall be:

A.     The President

1.      Responsible for all activities concerning the club.

2.      Oversees all activities the organization does.

3.      Attends and heads all E-Board meetings.

4.      Ensures that all meetings and programs are run smoothly.

5.      Delegates duties to give others opportunities for leadership roles.

6.      Acts as a liaison, updating the UF with FUSO activities, and vice versa.

7.      When necessary, assist in the design, implementation, and coordination of multicultural programs, activities, etc.

B.     Vice-President Internal

1.      Acts as a representative of FUSO, along with the President.

2.      Preside over meetings when the President is not available; is second in command.

3.      Communicate and cooperate with president in maintaining the functions and activities of FUSO.

4.      Call emergency meetings if necessary.

5.      Be contact person within the University.

6.      Facilitates Kuya/Ate/Kapatid mentor program throughout the year.

C.     Vice President External

1.      Act as a representative of FUSO, along with the President.

2.      Preside over meetings when the President or Vice President Internal is not available; is third in command.

3.      Communicate and cooperate with president in maintaining the functions and activities of FUSO.

4.      Call emergency meetings if necessary.

5.      Be the contact person for FUSO external affairs.

ii.  Oversee Community Liaison.
ii.  SCPASA coordinator

iii. Maintain contact with other high school/college/community Filipino


D.     Secretary

1.      Write down Minutes of Executive Board meetings.

2.      Contact members on events and meetings. Update membership.

3.      Keep file on attendance, flyers, and important paperwork.

4.      Make agendas for general meetings.

5.      Create roster for membership for fall and spring semesters.

E.      Treasurer

1.      Bookkeeping of account details.

2.      Collection of membership dues and any other types of dues.

3.      Coordinate fundraiser activities.

4.      P.R. with Accounts Payable, Controller, and Cashier.

5.      Familiarity with paperwork procedures for the offices listed above.

6.      Attend ICC meetings with spirit and enthusiasm in letting other organizations know about us.

F.      Historian

1.      Capture moments, events, activities, and membership with photographs/camera.

2.      Compose and complete and album of the year’s events.

3.      Arrange and produce video for Christmas party and End of the Year Banquet.

4.      Coordinate the documentation of every FUSO event by maintaining all records, notes, paperwork, and instructions in one book to refer to for upcoming years.

G.     Community Liaison

1.      Coordinate Ugnayan Conference and at least one community service event each semester.

2.      Update FUSO with cultural activities that are happening in the San Diego community.

3.      Build relationships and maintain contact with other USD organizations.

4.      Maintain contact with other high school/college/community Filipino organizations along with the VP External.

5.      Act as a liaison, updating the United Front with FUSO activities, and attend one of the UF organization’s meetings bi-weekly.

H.     Publicity Chair

1.      Work with President in coordinating Alcala Bazaar for Fall & Spring

2.      Work closely with Creative Zone staff to ensure all FUSO events, meetings, and activities are effectively advertised and publicized in a timely manner.

3.      Responsible for updating social networking sites about FUSO’s events (i.e. Facebook, Twitter)

4.      Create and/or update the FUSO webpage.

I.        Commissioner of Cultural Affairs

1.      Coordinate cultural programs such as Filipino History Month and Pilipino Cultural Night.

2.      Bring cultural awareness and education to FUSO and the USD/non-USD community.

3.      Be aware and educate the general body multicultural and diversity issues.

J.       Academic Liaison

1.      Coordinate study sessions for all members.

2.      Direct members of FUSO to other academic resources on campus such as SSS (Student Support Services), Tutoring Centers, Center for Student Success, and Career Services.

3.      Provide a list of each member’s major for academic help.

4.      Assist Community Liaison in coordination of Ugnayan Conference.

K.     Advisor

1.      Schedule individual meetings with Executive Board members at least twice a semester.

2.      Advise all other Executive Board members, as well as FUSO in general.

Section 4: The Power of the Executive Board:

The E-Board shall have the power to:

A.     Enact all ordinances binding upon all members of the organization, with the executive of special legislation.

B.     Fix penalties for the violation of these same ordinances, and to execute the penalty.

C.     Ratify by majority vote of its members, excluding the president (or whatever is titled the Chairman of the Board), appointments or dismissals of the President.

D.     Filled by appointment any vacancy of the Executive Board’s elected members until such time as the President shall call a special election to fill the vacancy.

E.      Call for a meeting of the Executive Board or of the organization at the request of 3/4 of the members of the Executive Board.

Section 5: Limitations of the Powers of the Executive Board

The Executive Board is not empowered to:

A.     Enact any post-facto ordinance.

B.     Execute any penalty not authorized by lawfully enacted ordinances.

Section 6: Powers of the Members of the Club

The members of the organization, being lawfully convened including being in an extraordinary

session, shall have the power to:

A.     Amend this constitution or its bylaws.

B.     Dismiss from office by a 3/4 vote of its entire voting membership any officer of the Executive Board.

C.     Call a general meeting of the organization upon presentation of a petition demanding such a meeting, signed by 3/4 of the membership. The requirement of being lawfully convened shall be waived in such an instance.

Section 7: The Faculty Advisor (required for all clubs and organizations, with the exception of NIC and NPC fraternities and sororities, who are required to have an alumni advisor):

A.     Must be a USD Faculty/Staff member.

B.     Shall be appointed by members and this appointment is subject to approval of the Executive Board.

C.     Shall be appointed for a term of one academic year.

Article V

Candidates for Office and Elections

Section 1 Candidates for Office and Elections

  1. All candidates for elective office of the Executive Board of the organization and all voters must be members of the organization and have qualified themselves for full participation in the activities of the organization.

  1. Person(s) running for the office(s) of President, Vice President Internal, and Vice President External must have served at least one year on the FUSO Executive Board prior to election.

Article VI

Passage of Legislation

Section 1 A quorum shall consist of all the membership of the Executive Board

  1. A majority vote of a quorum shall be necessary for the passage of legislation, with the exception if special legislation, which shall be voted upon by the members of the club who shall be present at a general meeting of the club called by the Executive Board.

  1. A simple majority vote of those members of the organization present at a general meeting of the organization shall be required for the passage of special legislation.

Section 2 Special Legislation

  1. Special Legislation shall consist of all acts pertaining to the exacting of dues and other acts such as the E-Board shall deem necessary to put before a vote of the club.

Article VII

Amending the Constitution

Section 1 The Constitution or its bylaws may be amended in the following way:

  1. Any member of the club who is entitled to full participation in its activities may, at the general meeting of the club, submit a proposed amendment or:

  1. Any member of the Executive Board may, at a meeting of the Executive Board, submit to the Board a proposed amendment.

  1. The Executive Board must approve the proposed amendment by a 3/4 vote of its members.

  1. The Secretary must then prepare copies of the portion of the Constitution or its bylaws to be amended and the proposed amendment, to be submitted to the members of the organization at the next general meeting of the organization after the amendment has been approved by the Executive Board.

  1. The proposed amendment must be before the organization for a period of fourteen days.

  1. A 3/4 majority of the votes cast shall be necessary for the adoption of an amendment to this Constitution.

  1. The AS Secretary of Student Organization shall be notified of any and all amendments to this Constitution.

Revised February 26, 2011