Keynote Speakers

Keynote I


Marlino Bitanga

B.A, Communications | California State University, San Marcos
Founder/Chief Branding Officer | Huemanly

Known as a “visionary, creative, and bold thinker,” Marlino Bitanga wants to challenge complacency and build brands that inspire. He believes if more companies knew how to inspire, the world would be filled with awesome brands: organizations that are brand focused and values-driven, committed to making a difference for others, not just profits. Ultimately, he imagines a world where people are fulfilled and experience joy.

Over the past 15 years, Marlino delivered innovative design and marketing solutions to small and mid-sized companies. In addition, he is also a former on-air personality. Today, he devotes his life to inspiring and revitalizing organizations, sharing his insights and expertise on branding, and collaborating with leaders to build businesses that connect with people in astonishing ways. He is active in the community working with local colleges and nonprofits, serving as a volunteer mentor and providing workshops and seminars.


Keynote II


Megan Foronda

B.A. Sociology | University of California, Santa Barbara

Megan Foronda is a 24 year old LA transplant originally from San Diego. As an undergraduate at UC Santa Barbara, her involvement in cross-cultural/cross-ethnic student organizing coupled with her education in ethnic studies, globalization, and social movements helped her to develop a passion for social justice. In 2015, Megan went on an exposure trip to the Philippines hosted by Kapit Bisig Kabataan Network, a Filipino-American based youth and student alliance focused on environmental justice, where she had the opportunity to live with and learn about various working class/poor Filipino communities and the ways in which they’ve organized themselves to make positive social change. Altogether, these experiences have empowered her to fully realize her own life-long commitment to serve the people.

When she is not working at her current day job as a nonprofit professional, Megan advocates for the rights and welfare of Filipina women as a member of Gabriela LA. Rooted in a love for community and practiced through collective action, she strives to see all oppressed peoples will win the fight for liberation. On her down time, she loves to get her creative juices flowing through art and music making, enjoy nature, and dance to no end to Kaytranada.