USD’s Filipino Ugnayan Student Organization was founded, among many other things, as a social justice organization. With the creation of the Community Liaison position, FUSO took a step towards realizing this aspect of its identity.

A long-time medium for University of San Diego students to explore Filipino culture, history, and identity, FUSO found it necessary to connect its members to the larger community and its resources beyond the walls of the university. As “ugnayan” means to link, a bridge needed to be built. Thus the Ugnayan Conference series was born in November 2011, with the Community Liaison as its Chair.


1st Annual Ugnayan Conference (Fall 2011)
FUSO’s Debut

Community Liaison: Christopher Arcitio
1st UC


2nd Annual Ugnayan Conference (Spring 2013)
Ating Kapamilya

Community Liaison: Dominick Salas
2nd UC


3rd Annual Ugnayan Conference (Fall 2013)
Standing Together, Making the Change

Community Liaison: Jessette Cayton



4th Annual Ugnayan Conference (Fall 2014)
Visionary to Changemaker: Finding Your Voice

Community Liaison: Elley Berg



5th Annual Ugnayan Conference (Fall 2015)
Me + You = US

Community Liaison: Kristine Joy Leynes


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